About Company


Company ОrlandoLTD


Mission and values

Company “Orlando Ltd” united its employees in order to achieve and perform a common mission: “We creatively work to make our products useful and available for everyone on Earth”.


Usefulness and care

– Our products are designated to meet customer needs. We create stable, based on mutual trust relationship with consumers that promotes forming a range of loyal customers.

– We care about health and beauty of customers, including our children, relatives and friends. Our products are made with soul and filled with love and joy!




- Every employee manifests his own individuality, feels his value for the company and takes a special place in the general process. The relationships between employees and the company are considered as a partnership based on mutual respect.

– The products we create meet the requirements of separately taken user.



Modern development

– Readiness for changes, the success of innovation. We are the company which constantly learns and strives to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of visitors, employees and society through continuous development and innovation.

– We regularly look for new formulas and products, methods of introducing them to the Ukrainian market, enrich “Bank of Modern ideas” of the company. Encourage new ideas.

Motto: “There is nothing that you can not improve.”



– We believe that being transparent and honest is a way to establish confidence between the company and its partners, including community and above all patients.

– We maximize profit increasing its efficiency and usefulness to the client.



– We provide availability of original popular products filling each person with joy, love and happiness.

– Company “Orlando Ltd” is available for everyone if necessary interaction with it.